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Learn a little more about referrals ..

Professional Exchange Network (PEN) was created to build relationships and refer business to those in the group. At PEN we have formed an efficient referral system. We have a two-part, carbon copy slip that is easy to use. A PEN member simply writes on the referral slip which other PEN member the referral or lead is for, whom to contact, how to reach the contact (phone number, email, etc.) and a brief description of what the lead is about. The referral slip will also indicate whether or not the lead is an inside lead (meaning a member is going to use the services for themselves) or if it an outside lead (meaning this is a referral for someone not in the group).

The referring member will then hand in one portion of the slip to the “Tip” master and the other portion of the slip to the intended PEN member to provide the service.

PEN requires that you call back any lead the same day that you receive it. This promotes a professional atmosphere to the client and shows them that PEN is serious about conducting business. PEN also asks that when you receive a lead you call the referring member and keep them posted on the progress of the lead.

Leads are tracked each week and discussed at each monthly PEN Board meeting. It is used as a tool to track how successful the group is and to monitor trends in business cycles.

Each week a “Tip” report is read to the group and the top 3 referral givers are announced. This promotes confidence and strengthens relationships within the group.

In these tough economic times, PEN is generating an average of over 40 leads per week.