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Adventures in Advertising Curt Stanley and Geri Stanley - Promotional Advertising
31441 Santa Margarita, Suite. A #363
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
b. 949-713-7797
c. 949-257-9997

curt@advinadv.com (Curt)


What's a Good Referral for Us

Companies looking for a product that would represent their company to give to their clients with their logo on it.

Business Description

Started our business in 2000 and are honored to have received the following two awards:
    • Small Business of the Year
    • Ethics in Business.

Here are some reasons to deal with us, the full service dealers:
    1. We know our suppliers, which ones are reliable and have good products and service, and which are not.
    2. We stand behind our products and so do our suppliers. If there is a problem we get it fixed. How many internet operations are willing to do that?
    3. We are creative consultants. We are more than a product salesperson.
    4. We understand the whole cost to do a promotion. It is just not the product cost, but the timing of delivery and the shipping costs.

Remember Our Motto:

    • On Time
    • On Budget
    • On Anything