Jose Flores and Jason Bounting

Plumbing / Plumbers

Company Info

Galaxy Plumbing Jose Flores - Galaxy Plumbing / Plumbers
P.O. Box 7813
Huntington Beach, CA 92615
Jose Flores: 949-677-0288

Jason Bounting: 714-552-8645

What's a Good Referral for Us

Residential or commercial plumbing needs, including gas lines, slab leaks, irrigation, remodels and drain stoppages. There is no job too small or too large.

Business Description

Offering 20+ years experience in all types of plumbing in and around the Orange County area.  Licensed and bonded in the State of California, we support the needs of Orange County residents by providing professional, honest and reliable plumbers to quickly assess the problem and provide a solution.  We respect our clients and understand the impact of today's economy, making sure our pricing is competitive and appropriate.  Well-known for our quick resolution to any plumbing situation, our customers know we will not try to sell products and services they do not need.  Our interest is in serving our clients and building a long-term relationship of trust.    

Avoid the costly error of handling your next plumbing emergency with an unknown plumber.  Call us today and rest easy, knowing Galaxy Plumbing is on the job.