Lawrence A. Strid

Attorney: Personal Injury & Civil Litigation

Company Info

Law Offices of Lawrence A. Strid Lawrence A. Strid, Attorney at Law
22952 Mill Creek Drive
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
b. 949-861-3660
fax 949-861-8674

What's a Good Referral for Me

Personal injury claims for motor vehicle, premises, assault, and/or dog attack; and general civil litigation cases including legal malpractice, attorney-client fee disputes, collection matters, business disputes, breach of contract, satisfaction of judgments, real estate matters, homeowner-contractor disputes, invasion of privacy, and HOA disputes.

Business Description

I am a sole practitioner with 38 years of experience in personal injury and litigation practice.  I have represented over 3000 clients in personal injury cases alone, and have tried over 40 jury trials and have handled over a hundred arbitrations and court trials.  I will personally handle a client’s case from inception to final resolution.