Look who's talking!

Being a PEN member has meant so much to me . . . I had set goals for my business when I joined the Professional Exchange Network (PEN) business networking group and I have exceeded those goals at least twofold! PEN is an effective way to advertise my business when outside advertizing was much more expensive and ineffective.

Sharon Hilgen
Juice PLUS+

I've been a PEN member for years now; it's been my primary source of new business. The leads are really helpful and the knowledge base is huge. I can expect to grow my business by 7 to 14 % each year which pays for the membership and we get high a quality breakfast each Thursday.

Also, we have some quality speakers (members) that keep us laughing and learning. I could never have 40-50 sales-people on my staff but with PEN that's what I have!

Marty Chokany
Island Island Pool and Spa

If you are looking for a way to promote your business in the community, Professional Exchange Network (PEN) may be just what you are looking for.

I was invited into PEN by a friend and colleague who has been involved with the organization for several years and who currently holds a board position. I joined this group mid year, 2011.

I originally joined this group to promote our Massage Heights business here in Mission Viejo to gain more prospects and members, and to sell additional franchises.

To this date, the group has far exceeded my expectations. Not only have I received substantial business from my fellow PEN members, I have also made many professional contacts. The best part is these professional contacts turn into personal contacts.

I look forward to attending our weekly meetings at the Mission Viejo Claim Jumper every Thursday morning. It’s a great way to start my day.

If you would like a sells team of 40 – 50 other professionals out in the community as an advocate for your business, I would encourage you to visit our PEN group and see what it can do for you.

Donna Lang Stoffel
Mission Viejo, CA
Member since 2011

I have been a member of PEN for the last 5 years. Since I have joined PEN each year I have increased my business.

In 2011 I collected over 27,000 dollars just from referrals from PEN members. I have never found a networking group that is so much fun and has such great members!

Clay Thomas DC
Member since 2007

We have been Members of Professional Exchange Network (PEN) for 4 years and our business has increased by at least 40 percent! We are a Hairstylists who have been working locally for 15 years and we are so grateful for this group's loyalty. Not only are the Members of this business networking group committed to giving us referrals but they are also trustworthy and dependable in their own professions. We have complete confidence referring their services to our clients, friends and family.

We truly enjoy our Thursday morning PEN meetings. They are uplifting and encouraging. We enjoy listening to PEN's speakers and getting to get to know them. We have a very candid and fun group that feels more like family. We are always welcomed warmly and the conversation is great over a nice breakfast and hot coffee.

This is by far the most professional and successful business networking group we have been in. Not only will your business grow, but you will meet some amazing individuals who care and are the best at what they do! We are so very thankful to PEN.

Ashley & Jo Handal
Hairstylists at Legends ll Hairstyling Co.
Members since 2008

PEN has been an incredible part of growing my business for more than 9 years. I have always viewed the membership as an extension of the bank, in that on any given day, any of the 40+ members can run across someone that is looking for a new banking relationship. In essence, each member is a salesperson for the bank. In their daily workings, they reach customers that I would never have a chance to meet.

PEN is also a great source for me. I am able to refer members to my clients for services that the bank doesn’t provide. And I have access to the top professionals in a variety of categories for my own personal use.

The friendships that I have made over the last 9 years are invaluable. I can honestly say that joining PEN has been one of the best business and personal decisions that I have ever made.

Michael J. Conte
Branch Managing Director
Bank of Southern California
Rancho Santa Margarita Branch

Member since 2002

I’ve been a PEN member since 2009, and have enjoyed the opportunity to meet weekly with others who are as dedicated to their customers and to the success of their businesses as I am. The members of the Professional Exchange Network are true experts in their fields, carefully selected for their business competence and integrity. Not only does CBCI Construction now have 40 additional sales representatives, but we have been able to join forces with a number of other PEN members as partners in our building remodeling and restoration projects. PEN works for us all!

David Ludwig
President CBCI Construction, Inc.

My business has increased by 30% since I joined the PEN Network Group. Thank you everyone for your support!

Casey Shannon
The Busy Executive
Home Cleaning and Organization Services

PEN has been completely instrumental to our company’s success in so many ways. The building of personal relationships with each of the businesses within PEN would be one essential. Gaining business acumen from other PEN members would be another. Most importantly PEN has contriibuted to our company’s success in so many ways that without PEN, it would impact our business by a large percentage.

Anthony Gliozzo, President
PC Professional group, Inc.

As a Painting Contractor I have received good leads for my business. I am also happy to recommend or to use outstanding members of PEN. I recommend PEN for anybody that needs to expand their business.

Andre Meyer
Painting Contractor

As an Owner of Adventures In Advertising – The Stanley Group (a Promotional Products company), I can honestly say that membership in the Professional Exchange Network (PEN) has resulted in additional “Sales” we would not have if we hadn’t joined over a year ago. Not only does it pay for itself, we have made some new Friends and truly enjoy the Network experience each Thursday morning. In addition we have found many other businesses that we can use knowing they will be Honest, Competitive and Friendly. I encourage others to consider a visit to experience the positive “Dynamic” that permeates this Networking Group.

Geri Stanley
Adventures In Advertising

Having been a member of Professional Exchange Network (PEN) for a number of years, I can enthusiastically say that it has made a huge difference for my Real Estate Sales Business.

My Business has increased every year because of the referrals I have received from my fellow PEN Members.

Word of mouth Advertising is by far and way the very best!

Bob Kadan, CRB

PEN is an extended family. We care about one another; we help with people who need more than just leads, when a member has need of compassion we help as family members would help. This camaraderie comes from a common sense of being in the trenches together, the small business trenches. Owning a small business is an experience that only other small business owners can appreciate. You can find compassion when it is needed and you can also find a kick in the seat of your pants to motivate you. Plainly put, it's more, much more, than just the best network group. If properly used it is the only promotional dollar you will need to spend.

Marty Chokany
Island Inspired Pool and Spa

Being a PEN member has given me the opportunity to build relationships with local business owners and grow my business through word of mouth. It has allowed me to expand customer service to my clients by having the ability to refer them towards other businesses and services in PEN that I know and trust.

Michael Hilgen
Michael’s Handyman Service